Speaking Publicly about Sexual Assault

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I've engaged groups and spoken publicly about the experience I lived being the teenage victim of a sexual predator.  During my presentation, I share insights into what it's like to be a young male victim, the journey between then and now and the many lessons I've learned about life as a man who carried a deep dark secret for years.  

The audience members say they leave feeling changed.  The raw presentation illustrates the reality many victims face in their lives.  I provide an understanding of what happens when a person is victimized in this way, the profound effect it has on the victim and those close to him or her.  

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What audience members have said:

"At no time did I feel I was listening to a whine of self-pity, your confident appearance, touches of humour and the tempered way in which you referred to Bob Clarke gave every indication that this story, though deeply and profoundly hurtful had in fact been "sorted through”. The gift you gave your audience was the privilege of hearing your searing experience which had taken a terrible toll but which many years later you were able to recollect in tranquility (to borrow from the poet Wordsworth) so that we the listeners could leave, not worked over by raw unhealed emotion, but free to make our own assessments of what we had heard." TP

"Your brilliant performance (I use the term here not as an "act" given by a skilled actor acting from another's script but as a personal witness of a traumatic personal experience) was quite frankly one of the most riveting I have ever seen. All the essential ingredients were there - great vocabulary, articulation, body language, pauses (often overlooked as a dramatic device by the unskilled), facial expression, humour." EP

"I am not sure that I had truly thought about how much speaking out publicly would have such a momentous impact on the lives of individuals and the overall community! I felt grateful to have been there, to have been witness to your experience and to the activism that is has inspired." RF  

Myths About Sexual Assault:

It wasn't rape so it's not sexual assault.

Sexual assault is any kind of unwanted sexual contact.  There are many forms of sexual violence, unwanted fondling, kissing, rubbing.  Sexual violence can involve no physical contact at all such as being exposed to images of a disturbing nature or having a person expose his or herself to you. 

I don't know any victims, it doesn't affect me.

You do know victims, (you may be one). You may not know who they are.  Statistically 1 in 6 men will be the victim of sexual assault, twice that for women.  We don't know because of the shame attached to being a victim, many people suffer for years in silence.  This needs to change....now!

Sexual offenders are easy to spot.

No, they're not.  People who commit these crimes tend to be brilliant manipulators.  They not only groom their victims into trusting them, they groom the adults around them as well.  They are fathers, and mothers, aunts and uncles, teachers, coaches, community and faith leaders.

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